Mobiado CPT001 Concept Redefines Luxury Mobile Phone

If you think you’ve seen it all when it comes to industrial design in mobile phones, prepare to be wowed by Mobiado’s latest concept phone, the Mobiado CPT001.

Mobiado CPT001 Concept Mobile Phone

The company refers to this new concept phone as an ‘objet d’art’, as the concept blends modern-age communications technology with materials that were famously used during the renaissance period. The CPT001 is made from one piece of solid marble with gold filled engraved letters and details. The touchscreen is made from a single large piece of sapphire. The buttons and watch crown are made from solid gold, with a magnificent gold skeleton mechanical watch movement placed between the Call and End buttons.

To some the concept of a marble phone may seem unusual; however it is this type of unique “out of the box” thinking in design and materials that allows creation and innovation to evolve. The purpose of a concept is to push the boundaries of invention, allowing concept ideas to be identified for future production designs. Mobiado’s passion for the avant-garde is an essential element of its DNA and history, and the driving force of its R&D strategy.

Mobiado has not announced whether and when CPT001 will reach the markets. But you better be ready to shell out a heavy sum for this ‘heavy’ luxury phone.

Mobiado CPT001 Concept Mobile Phone

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