Modern Noah! Here’s How Looks Now BIBLE ARK Built For 4 Years

Modern Noah Ark

If Netherlands ever befall the great flood, its residents should not be worried, because their countryman Johan Huibers made ship modeled on Noah’s Ark, in which will be able to seek salvation. The ship, which Huibers has built for 4 years with eight helpers, is is 119 metres (390 ft) long, 30 metres (98 ft) wide, and 23 metres (75 ft) high. The cost to build was 4 million euro
Still, there’s no room for two representatives of each animal species, as was the case in the Bible Ark.

Modern Noah Ark

Johan’s Ark – a Noah’s Ark-themed barge in Dordrecht, Netherlands, is open to visitors, and its interior is really impressive: in addition to the exhibition of animal sculptures, there are also two cinemas and restaurants, and the space is rented for weddings and business meetings. It attracted 280,000 visitors in 3.5 years.
While the Bible specified that the Ark had to be built from the unknown gopher wood, this ark is made of American Cedar and Pine. To cross the ocean, it, however, would have to be loaded on a cargo ship.

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