Moon Bingo Relaunch Site With The Biggest Jackpot Ever

Recessions and economic depressions may come and go, but gambling never seems to go out of fashion. So much so that, even today at the height of the economic crisis, people are lining up to play bingo and other such games in the hopes of winning a jackpot.


Ceasing the opportunity, Moon Bingo has announced the launch of their revamped site which not only looks better, but also more glamorous. To be honest prior to the makeover they had a rather outdated look, but the people at moon bingo really have worked hard at improving the site and it’s definitely paid off! The site has followed in the footsteps of other online bingo sites for example wink bingo and posh bingo by having a revamp and launching themselves as a standalone product.

Beyond the plush new exterior they’ve tweaked the finer details providing you with fresh new games and fantastic new prizes and bonuses! Players are now greeted with a rather generous 300% deposit match bonus so it’ll be ages until you need to part with your cash again!

However, the most important bit is that they are offering a huge $16.6 million jackpot to celebrate. To win the full jackpot the player needs to reach a full house in 33 calls or less.

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