Motorcycle With One Wheel


When the daughter of engineer Chris Hoffmann asked her father if he could make an electric motorcycle with one wheel from video gamet, Dad accepted the challenge.
Six years later, after three prototypes, the final version of this unusual vehicle produced by Ryno Motors from Portland, USA, was created.


His one-wheeled motorcycle, Hoffmann describes as an ultra efficient, urban, individual next-generation vehicle for short-haul, which is a combination of Segway and a classic electric motorcycle.
The vehicle has a self-balancing system and is powered by 2 electric motors that receive electricity from 2 small batteries. Above the wheel of 15 inches, there is an adjustable seat, and on this small motorcycle there is a place for a mobile phone charger.


Ryno has a mass of about 72 kg, and the batteries are designed so that they can be easily replaced by new ones when they are emptied. In addition, they can be fully charged at ordinary sockets in about 6 hours. With full batteries, the motorcycle can reach up to 24 km.
Like Segway, Ryno is not too fast – the maximum speed is just 15 km/h, but it can not be denied that it looks attractive.


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