Naptime: Smart Device For Those Who Like To Sleep


The revolutionary invention called Naptime will help you in the perfect short break, increase concentration, and mood and lead to higher productivity. EEG sensors of the device monitor during sleep your brain activity, so Naptime will wake you up at the right time, namely in the light phase of sleep and completely mentally refresh you. The benefits of short daily naps are multiple. Every daily sleep which is less than half an hour can help ‘wake up’ and improve learning, and can also help if the night’s sleep was bad or short.


Naptime is made of memory foam with billions of particles sensitive to temperature and 3D design that leaves space for the eyes, so you don’t feel any pressure, and a device also completely blocks light.
The interior of the mask is coated in airy fabric and high quality leather exterior, which comes in several colors. The device comes with HI-FI digital headphones and fall asleep you with music from your device, and for a wake-up you can select your favorite song.


A short “nap” impact on reducing frustration at work, reduces irritability, but also brings better results. Naps of 10-20 minutes a day, at least three times a week, improves cognitive abilities as much as 40% more effective than a cup of coffee and for a 37% reduced risk of mortality caused by heart disease.
Through platform Indiegogo, Naptime so far collected more than $28,000 and thus almost achieved its goal.

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