New 2016 Mini Rocketman

From generation to generation Mini is getting bigger and bigger, so the last year’s new Mini F56 reached 382 cm in length. This, opens the door for offering a smaller model, and the Mini plans to offer one small car, smaller than the aforementioned F56. The new car is Mini Rocketman, but the problem is that BMW’s new UKL1 platform is not compatible with the smaller model. That is why the BMW found a partner for this project. It is a Toyota, with which BMW is already working on several projects, and it is believed that this little Mini could be based on the Toyota iQ.

New 2016 Mini Rocketman
In the Mini also note that the quoted Rocketman concept (long or 342 cm) encountered a very good feedback from the public and are confident that the new little Mini will have a large demand all over the world. New Mini Rocketman will be on sale in 2016, and its price will be around 11,500 pounds (14,500 euros or $19,000).

New 2016 Mini Rocketman

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