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New 3060 Power Amplifier From Boulder

For Boulder, a company stationed in Colorado, has become quite common to occasionally present a really massive AV device. That’s exactly what they did at this year’s CES, when have unveiled new class A stereo amplifier, Boulder 3060. It is the most powerful amplifier that the company has made so far. The 3060 amplifier from Boulder will be made in limited quantities to ensure full satisfaction to its luxury connoisseurs.

This power amplifier is Boulder’s most luxurious model, and can deliver a powerful 900 watts per channel. According to the manufacturer this amplifier can “chase any real limits speakers to work”, and has continuously active protection circuits and systems for condition monitoring.

Boulder 3060 Class-A Power Amplifier

Boulder’s 3060 amplifier is a Class A amplifier that utilizes 120 output devices to produce 900 watts into any impedance load

The circuitry inside the amplifiers is largely based on the Boulder 3050 Mono block design, which uses 120 semi conductors in its design. These semi conductors also ensure that the bias currents are monitored to increase efficient usage, and reduce the heat energy wastage factor. As Rich Maez, director of Boulder officially puts on record, the 3060 Class A from Boulder will be capable of handling massive current swings, therefore will be made with 240 volt capabilities, and none with any lower configurations will ever be made.

The weight of the device is 204 kg (449,7 lbs) and comes with a stainless steel platform in black granite color. The US manufacturer’s suggested retail price for the 3060 power amplifier is $115,000 and the prices will vary outside of the United States.

Boulder 3060 Class-A Power Amplifier

The benchmark Boulder 3060 stereo amplifier is the second product within the company’s flagship 3000 series of products, and Boulder says the amp carries a suggested retail price of $115,000

Boulder's 3060 amplifier is a Class A amplifier that utilizes 120 output devices to produce 900 watts into any impedance load

Boulder 3060 Class-A Power Amplifier

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