New CR-1 Trailer Made Entire Of Carbon Fiber

The use of carbon fiber is more and more in circulation. After the spoilers and bumpers the time has come to one much larger project. Familiarize yourself with the first trailer that was made entirely of this lightweight material. Due to the fact that it is very easy and at the same time very sturdy, is the main reason why the people in the company Global Caravan Technologies decided just for this material as a main component for the construction of their new trailer.

New CR-1 Trailer Made Entire Of Carbon Fiber

It is expected that the trailer, named CR – 1, weights about 2 700 kilograms, which is less than half of the average weight of the trailer of the same size. Consumption of fuel in car or truck that pulls this trailer is reduced by more than 100 % compared to its competitors.

It is important to say that the whole trailer is built and assembled without any screws, and therefore CR – 1 is among the toughest and safest trailers on the market. If you thought that this was all, you are wrong.

New CR-1 Trailer Made Entire Of Carbon Fiber

The interior is equipped with cabinets from floor to roof, huge bathroom, a system for solar power of 700 watts, built in generator, tinted windows and software that supports the Android and iOS operating platform.

Of course, the price will be in accordance with the equipment, as the basic model of CR – 1 trailer costs about $170,000, while the most luxurious version will stand even $770,000.

New CR-1 Trailer Made Entire Of Carbon Fiber New CR-1 Trailer Made Entire Of Carbon Fiber

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