New Phase One XF 100MP Camera

Phase One XF 100MP Camera

Phase One and Sony have been development partners for years. Their lates collaboration resulted with 100MP medium format back with Sony co-developed sensor. The Phase One XF 100MP Camera System offers the same great advantages of full frame usability with the added benefits of CMOS technology. No lens crop factors, no focus screen masks, just uncompromising ultimate image quality from edge to edge. With 16-bit Color Depth, coupled with CMOS ISO flexibility, the XF 100MP delivers a natural texture and tonal feel never before seen in digital camera system.

Phase One XF 100MP Camera

The Phase One XF 100MP Camera System delivers a remarkable 15 stops of dynamic range, retaining breathtaking detail in both highlights and shadows. This is the highest performing system in terms of dynamic range that the Medium Format world has to offer. This new Camera System offers clean and crisp images from ISO 50 to 12,800, providing the freedom to capture incredible high-resolution images across a range of photographic disciplines. The extensive ISO flexibility offers full control of every capture scenario, with unprecedented support and integration through Capture One‘s proprietary software algorithms. It delivers extreme long exposures of up to 60 minutes in full 101-megapixel resolution.

Phase One XF 100MP Camera

CMOS sensor technology allows for an unmatched Live View experience. With the IQ3 50MP, and now the IQ3 100MP, Live View is greatly improved with the ability to capture during Live View operation. Whether you are using Live View on the digital back itself or through Capture One Pro, a simple click of the shutter will capture your image at full resolution just as you are seeing it in real-time. Once the image is captured, you’ll seamlessly return to live view to continue your required workflow.
The Phase One XF 100MP Camera System is engineered to provide the detail and unmatched quality, essential for the world’s most demanding photographers.

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