New Samsung TV – The Wall

Samsung TV - The Wall

Samsung modular Wall TV Pro system is at the center of our attention due to its flexibility …
When a TV is no longer a TV? Well, probably when it’s manufactured as a Wall by a Samsung company. These Korean consumer electronics specialists have recently introduced their new technologies and, of course, delight the whole world on that occasion.

Samsung TV – The Wall

A new model measuring 146 inches introduces a term that is not yet so familiar to us: micro-LED. It is the proximity of smaller light emitting diode, which is called pixel pitch, which determines how good the resolution of a single screen is. The Wall has a pixel pitch of 0.84 millimeters, while most screens have 1.5 to 3.0 mm. The result is something that seems to be out of this world – a hyper-realistic digital screen that can be used as a TV, an art piece, and an interactive experience that can change the whole room.
The Wall consists of a micro-tile technology, which means it can be scaled to fit into any available space. Each of the tiles used for his creation can be removed and replaced, making maintenance incredibly light. In addition, this model has a lifetime of 100,000 hours, so even if you use it 24 hours a day, it will last for more than ten years.
Customers will have the opportunity to order a luxury version of this model next month, which is optimized for home and super-yachts. The key difference between the Pro and the Luxury models is the number of frames per second: Pro runs at 60 fps, while the Luxury version will have 120 fps.

Samsung TV – The Wall

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