New Supersonic Jet Falcon Flash

Falcon Flash

Concord, which was a trademark of the French airline Air France, the last time it landed at Charles de Gaulle Airport in Paris in 2003 and rounded 34-year history of the French Air Force.
With that supersonic plane flew only three hours from New York to Paris. Concord is the only transport plane that flew twice the speed of sound. Concord, was a joint venture of the British and the French, and first flew in 1969 and became a symbol of the French aviation industry. The project suffered a major blow in 2000 when a Concorde plane crashed after takeoff over Paris. In the accident 113 people were killed, and after that, supersonic plane went slowly into oblivion.

Falcon Flash
Falcon Flash

However, once again the flights from London to New York could persist only two and a half hours, if the design Oscar Viñals’ supersonic aircraft comes to life. Viñals’ program called Flash Falcon is a plane on two floors with a capacity of 250 passengers, with the ability to reach a speed of Mach 3 (an average of 3700km/h) or three times the speed of sound. Business class there would be on the top floor of the aircraft, while the lower level of the plane also had more passenger space than standard passenger planes.

Falcon Flash
Falcon Flash

Flights would also be environmentally friendly, because it would fly using carbon-free energy and the internal combustion engine known as the star jet engine, which will allow this aircraft vertical takeoff and take-off as in the helicopter. The nose in the form of pins, enable energy acoustic noise and improve aerodynamics of the aircraft.
“I believe that in a very near future supersonic flights will return, but with the most significant technology and advances of the 21st century,” said Viñals. This jet will belong to a hypothetical generation aircraft that will be equipped with technology based on the fusion energy, future green energy, which today is still under development, but in the next 15 years definitely be realized.

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