Nokia 7705 Twist – Size Doesn’t Matter

If you fall into the category of people who value messaging over any other function in a phone, Nokia 7705 Twist may be up your alley. It is the latest in a new breed of squarish-shaped devices that hide full QWERTY keyboards within. Nokia 7705 twist is a 2.75 square (yep square) that weighs in at 3.44 ounces.

Nokia 7705 Twist

The 7705 Twist has been tailored for easy and quick messaging on the move. Along with the full QWERTY keyboard, the Twist comes toting a customizable Contact Light Ring (that jumbo button sat on the bottom right), letting you assign colours to identify calls and messages from folk in your contacts book.

Nokia 7705 Twist

While email, IM, MMS and SMS are all ticked, the 7705 Twist is also blog-savvy, enabling you to communicate with the world via a simple ‘post to blogs’ feature that also can fire out your snaps and text to social network sites.

The big surprise is that the Twist’s camera has a flash. Everybody takes video these days, MP3 Player is relatively standard, blue tooth is old hat, but to find a phone this tiny and stylish that can actually take a decent photo indoors was a very pleasant surprise. That at least one more thing that the Twist can do that an iPhone can’t! Plus, it supports V CAST Video Streaming and Video on Demand, as well as VCAST Music with Rhapsody.

Nokia 7705 Twist

The Twist is compact and features shiny surfaces all over. The phone’s shortcut buttons provide quick access to messaging, the 3.0 megapixel camera, Web browsing, V CAST Music with Rhapsody®, voice commands, and speakerphone options.

The Nokia 7705 Twist unique design won’t be for everyone, but it pulls through with decent features and good call quality.

Nokia 7705 Twist
Nokia 7705 Twist

[Source: Verizon Wireless]

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