Open Champagne With Sommelier Saber

Champagne saber by Fox

What’s better than the sound of a cork popping off the top of a champagne bottle? The tradition of opening a Champagne bottle with a saber was born in the Napoleonic era, by the general himself after winning a battle in 1812. This unique custom has survived to this day, and not only in France. After the wire basket is removed from the cork, the blade is slid along the neck of the bottle, and onto the thicker part of the neck below the bottle head.

Champagne saber by Fox

When done in a strong, smooth motion (it takes a little practice), the cork leaps out with a bang and the Champagne flows out, and any resulting glass fragments fly forward, propelled by the pressure, creating a veritable firework of bubbly. The severed bottle head with the cork is then customarily labeled with the date, to serve as a reminder of the celebration, or the trophy of a battle won.

Champagne saber by Fox

True to the original, this especially high-quality Champagne saber by Fox is manufactured in their famous cutlery workshop in Maniago, Italy. The blade is made of rust-proof T5MOV stainless steel, with a complex handle design that is certainly ready for any challenges or festive occasions. It comes complete with an elegant wooden box and a decorative stand, and can be yours for only $109.99.

Champagne saber by Fox

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