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Why This Super-Cup Worth $200

It took seven years for startup company Mark One to develop this great product, smart super cup, called Vessyl, which will cost $200. As reported by the American media, it is the cup volume of 13 ounces (0.38 liters), powered by the battery, and it has enabled bluetooth connection and smartphone synchronization. This cup works […]

Expedia Will Accept Bitcoins for Hotel Bookings

One of the world’s largest online travel agencies, Expedia, will accept bitcoins as a form of payment for hotel reservations, becoming the first major travel company to accept payments in crypto-currency. A number of smaller online travel sites already accept virtual currencies, including Travel Keys and CheapAir, but Expedia is the first company of its […]

TechnoMarine Watches In Honor Of World Cup In Brazil

In a honor of World Cup in Brazil, a watch company based in Geneva, TechnoMarine, has prepared an interesting model of watches. The company second time successfully cooperating with Brazilian pop art artist, Romero Britto. Official Ambassador of FIFA 2014 World Cup, Britto, is known for its modern works in which he used bright colors. […]

New Erik Buell Racing 1190SX

When last year published a teaser photo of the front light assembly of unknown two-wheeler, it has become clear that Erik Buell Racing (EBR), beside its superbike 1190RX, preparing another novelty. This claim is now proved correct, as the Erik Buell Racing introduced the naked variant of superbike 1190RX. Erik Buell Racing 1190SX is the […]

The 370-inch Titan Zeus – World’s Largest Commercial TV Costs $1,7 Million

When you see the Titan Zeus, a 370-inch TV, your 90-inch television looks ridiculous. Manufactured by Titan Screens, a UK-based screen making company, this giant TV is the world’s largest commercial TV in the form of the Zeus. Not only the screen is huge –  26 by 16 feet (equal in size to a football […]

Take A Bath In Pool Full Of Beer In Austria

Beer lovers will want to visit Austria, when they read what Starkenberger castle in that country has to offer. Starkenberger castle has seven pools completely filled with beer. Opened in 2005, its basement for fermentation of its worldwide favorite beverage has become redundant, and each pool depth is almost four meters and now is full […]

Jamiroquai Has New Toy – LaFerrari Kermit

The latest car in the collection of Jason Kay is “Kermit“, the green La Ferrari. Instead of the standard three colors on offer, red, yellow and black, Jayson Kay has commissioned a special shade of green, and so did even more unique, the already unique line of cars, that will be produced in only 499 […]