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Historic Russian Space Capsule Goes Under the Hammer

The Vozvrashchayemyi Apparat Space Capsule is probably the first spacecraft that entered space twice in its history. And, now you have a chance to buy this piece of space history, since this former Soviet space capsule goes under the hammer by Kunsthaus Lempertz auctions. It will be auctioned in Brussels on May 7th, at an […]

Special Lamborghini Aventador Jackie Chan Edition

Lamborghini will expose, at the upcoming motor show in Beijing, the unique Lamborghini Aventador Jackie Chan Edition. This special Aventador, which is part of Lamborghini Ad Personam program for individualization, received a titanium gray exterior, Nero Ade alloy wheels, black and red interior, as well as the word “Long” at the door and backs of […]

Problems Of Rowan Atkinson And His Mercedes SLS AMG

Even the biggest stars can have problems faced by ordinary mortals. For example, when you need to bend down to get into the car after shopping at the supermarket. The difference in the case of actor Rowan Atkinson, known for his role as Mr. Bean in the eponymous series and movies, is that he bends […]

Rare Ming-era Wine Cup Sold for Record $36,8 Million

A rare Ming-era wine cup broke the world auction record for any Chinese porcelain, selling at Sotheby’s auction in Hong Kong for £22 million ($36,8 million). Shanghai tycoon Liu Yiqian bought the porcelain cup decorated with a colour painting of a rooster and a hen tending to their chicks. Bidding started at more than $20 […]

New CR-1 Trailer Made Entire Of Carbon Fiber

The use of carbon fiber is more and more in circulation. After the spoilers and bumpers the time has come to one much larger project. Familiarize yourself with the first trailer that was made entirely of this lightweight material. Due to the fact that it is very easy and at the same time very sturdy, […]

$8,4 Million “Mirage” – World’s Most Expensive Easter Egg

World’s most expensive Easter egg has been unveiled. Named “Mirage,” the egg is worth £5 million ($8,4 million), and according to UK’s Daily Mail it resembles a cross between a Faberge egg and a Damien Hirst skull. This unique gem comes studded with over 1,000 dazzling diamonds. The shell is encrusted with 100 diamonds in […]

BMW 740Li xDrive Horse Special Edition At Beijing Motor Show

BMW has announced, for this year’s Motor Show in Beijing, a new limited edition of its Series 7. This means that visitors of the fair in Beijing, which will be held from 20 to 29 April, will be able to see new Series 7 Horse Special Edition, which among other things has the exclusive BMW […]