“Perfect8” – 5.1 Glass Speaker System for Real Audio Pleasure

Perfect8 Center

Perfect8 speakers are certainly not new to the elite audiophiles. This Sweden-based manufacturer in their mission to produce the world’s most exclusive and best sounding loudspeaker systems, has now come up with an ultimate surround sound system that will baffle you for more than one reason, especially for its $566,000 price tag.

The ultimate Perfect8 5.1 Glass Speaker System ensemble comprises The Force – a huge floorstanding front speaker, The Force Center – a center channel taken to the extreme, The Point – an astonishing bookshelf speaker and The Cube – the small surround speaker. All these jewels come with SSG (super silent glass) cabinets rendering them completely rigid and impervious to resonance, vibrations and all negative side-effects any loudspeaker manufacturer counterfights, kevlar/glass/carbon fiber cone woofers and scratch-resistant Diamond Gold cab inserts.


Standing over six feet tall, The Force -floorstanding front speaker includes eight 7-inch magnesium-cone midrange/woofers and one 5-foot ribbon tweeter in an open-baffle, line-array configuration. Perfect8 believes that this design provides the best possible sound by eliminating any cabinet colorations and producing a high-quality backwave that reflects from the walls and combines with the direct frontwave. At the same time, the company’s implementation of this idea is said to minimize vertical and horizontal dispersion, which reduces reflections from the floor and ceiling and results in a “figure-8″ horizontal-radiation pattern from which the company derives its name.

The top section of the Force center speaker that houses the midranges and tweeter can be adjusted to the optimum position for 4:3 and 16:9 viewing formats as well as 5-channel audio. The Force center speaker houses two modified 7″ MG-cone drivers, two modified 5.25” MG-cone drivers and a 28mm silk dome tweeter with a precision wave guide.

A pair of Force speakers comes with two subwoofers and two outboard 1000W power amps to drive them. Each sealed-box sub includes two 12-inch cone drivers mounted in an opposing configuration, and they operate in phase, which cancels out any vibrations that might remain in the SSG cabinet. If your budget can’t withstand that kind of commitment, Perfect8 has an alternative—the Point, an open-baffle design with two of the same 7-inch magnesium-cone midrange/woofers found in the Force and a small ribbon tweeter, which acts more like a point source than a line array, hence the name. With the included sub, the Point’s frequency response reaches from 16Hz to 26kHz (±1dB), and it can be yours for $149,000 per pair.

Perdect8 Technologies is a Swedish manufacturer of high-end ribbon tweeters. dynamic loudspeakers, and subwoofers. The company was founded in 2005 with a mission: produce the world’s most exclusive and best sounding loudspeaker systems.

The next time you want to impress your tycoon and millionaire business partners, The Force collection from Perfect8 will fit the bill.

Perfect8 Point

Perfect8 Subwoofer

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