Pioneer WWS-DT101 – Ultimate 52-inch Multitouch Interactive Discussion Table

Pioneer WWS-DT101 - 52" Multitouch Interactive Discussion Table
Pioneer WWS-DT101 – 52″ Multitouch Interactive Discussion Table

Japanese-company Pioneer, has announced that they are going to start selling a new product, WWS-DT101 Discussion Table in the Japanese market this July. Unlike Microsoft’s Surface and Surface 2 tabletop PCs which were available in 30-inch and 40-inch touchscreen displays, Pioneer’s WWS-DT101 boasts a gigantic 52-inch display that is capable of full HD resolutions, thus making it the largest known tabletop PC known to exist today, 5-inch larger than Touchscape’s 47-inch Multi-touch Coffee Table.

WWS-DT101 is based on a Full HD 52” TV with multitouch technology that is capable to to let you manipulate documents with the touch of a finger and share data to anyone either wirelessly thanks to TransferJet technology or to any network connected devices like PCs or even iPhones and iPads via VisualSync as well as any USB devices. The Discussion Table also includes a PFU Scan Snap S1100 Scanner that allow you to scan any documents and display them directly on its large screen. Finally the WWS-Dt101 can also be used during teleconference and allow local and remote correspondents to directly interacts with documents from both locations.

What is more amazing though, is the fact that Pioneer was able to pull off such features using nothing more than the standard PC software and hardware to power the tabletop PC. Behind that pretty and flashy-looking user interface is the same Windows 7 operating system that we all know and love (or hate) today, while the giant touchscreen is powered bystandard Intel Core i7 processor paired with 6GB of system RAM.

As is the case with most enterprise products, Pioneer has chosen not to set a fixed price on the WWS-DT101. But we can assure you that it will not be categorized as affordable, at least not for all. [Pioneer]

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