Porsche Go-Kart Pedal Car

Porsche has so far been reserved for adults, only rich people, or those who are willing to spend whole life on bread and pate, just to be able to ride one of the Porsche.

If you as a child had one of those little speeder on the pedals, you probably have had ingenious childhood. Today’s children can ride in a real small Porsche, because German automotive giant unveiled its first car designed exclusively for children.

Porsche Go-Kart Pedal Car

Porsche Driver’s Selection Go-Kart toy car is powered by a pedal, weighs only 25 pounds and developed by technology they call “Porsche Intelligence Performance”, which is, of course, a secret recipe created to extract a few more dollars from those who can afford it. More specifically, this beast will cost you $900, and it is the response to the similar cars of Ferrari and Mercedes.

Unfortunately for all adults who still feel like children, Go-Kart can withstand a weight of only 50 pounds, so those who buy it, have to restrain not to make that circle around the village. Therefore, the question arises: why Porsche, and other manufacturers do not make this kind of model for adults?

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