Portable Lumio Lamp by Max Gunawan

Lumio is a portable lamp that folds like a book. When opened, the inside becomes light. Light is built with magnets so it can be mounted on a wide range of surfaces and when fully charged, the lamp can be operated up to 8 hours.

Lumio lamp, has great success surpassing all the expected results. Lumio was designed by Max Gunawan, a designer from San Francisco, known for its innovation in the field of multi-functional design solutions. Only the name is inspired by the idea of ​​lightening books. The light comes on when you open the cover and goes off when closed.

Lumio is a modern lamp that unfolds from a book

Lumio lights when you need light and keeps the compact closed when not in use. You can adjust the brightness of the light the corners of the pages because on this lamp you will not find a switch. It has durable water resistant Tyvek “pages” and it incorporates a high performing LED. You can connect it to your computer via micro USB or you can simply use a regular USB charger.

You can use it as a table lamp, wall, ceiling, background. You can use it in as many ways as you are imaginative and that will cost you $125.

Lumio is a modern lamp that unfolds from a book



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