This Is The Most Powerful Computer on the Balkans

The most powerful computer on the Balkans from recently located at the Institute of Physics in Belgrade. It worth about a million dollars, and it’s even 5,000 times faster then ordinary home PC. It’s about Supercomputer HP Paradox IV, which was purchased from the European Investment Bank. The supercomputer cluster represents an integrated, water-cooled facility with a total of 2,500 latest generation processors organised in 220 nods for various purposes, with over 4TB of RAM, 106 Tesla GPUs and total processor power of over 110 teraflops. The cluster is also a facility for mass digital storage with a total capacity of 200 TB.

This Is The Most Powerful Computer on the Balkans
The computer serves high technology – the discovery of new drugs to the design of modern cars and airplanes.
For example, you want to discover a new type of drug and to examine millions of chemical compounds? Then you insert the computer insert information about the characteristics of the disease into PC, and then put the description in the interaction with chemical compounds to discover its potentially hazard – explains prof. Dr. Antun Balaz, head of the Laboratory for Scientific Computing Institute of Physics.

This Is The Most Powerful Computer on the Balkans

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