Princess Diana’s Unseen Personal Letters To Be Auctioned

Princess Diana's Unseen Personal Letters
Princess Diana's Unseen Personal Letters

A collection of Princess Diana’s Letters that were written to her old kindergarten teaching colleague Margaret Hodge, are going up for auction. A friendship of two women continued until the Princess of Wales’ death in 1997. The letters are expected to earn a price of approximately £20,000 ($33,000), goes to auction on June 21.

These unseen letters date back to September 1981 during Diana’s honeymoon with Prince Charles and progress to July 1986 when the princess writes to thank Ms Hodge for a fifth wedding anniversary card. Signing herself as Miss Diana, the letters provide a glimpse into the private life of the couple, whom she dubbed simply Mr and Mrs Wales. There are spelling mistakes and little sign of inspiration but, still, the letters reflect well on Diana.

Mrs. Hodge obviously has financial problems, otherwise she wouldn’t betray her friend’s memory like that. Maybe by then, Princess Diana’s sons, Princes William and Harry will find ways to snatch this letters before getting into the public, or they can compete for them at auction.

Mrs Hodge’s collection will be sold by auctioneers Reeman Dansie in a Royal Memorabilia auction, which also includes letters Diana wrote to her late financial adviser Joseph Sanders thanking him for a pair of Chanel earrings.

Princess Diana's Unseen Personal Letters
Princess Diana's Unseen Personal Letters

Princess Diana’s Letters

SEPTEMBER 14, 1981

Charles and Diana are on honeymoon in Balmoral after marrying in July. But Diana later claimed on tape she was already struggling with bulimia after her fiance told her: “You’re getting a bit chubby”. She was also shocked to discover her husband was wearing a pair of cufflinks from Camilla Parker Bowles. Here’s what she wrote to Margaret Hodge:

I HAVE just got your letter this morning & am really thrilled with the photographs – Goodness, how smart you all looked at my – sorry “our” nuptials! I went to Highgrove a couple of weeks ago to put pressure on basically to see it finished by the end of October! It honestly won’t look smart. Just a cosy nest for Mr & Mrs Wales to roost, with bright colours, of course! Its heavenly up here, just having the opportunity to do what you like & walk for miles – I’ve vanished down many a hole – the husband having not realised – typical. We are touring Wales for 3 days at the end of next month, which will be quite something. I only hope I can survive it! I ought to finish now & give a hug to my other half!


Three months after the birth of Prince William and the couple seemed elated. But Diana would later say she had thrown herself down a flight of stairs while pregnant, and that she suffered from post-natal depression.

PLEASE forgive the lateness of this letter but due to the avalanche of mail, I have only just received your card & letter! The reaction to William & my birthday has been incredibly heartwarming and certainly kept me buisy with pen & paper! William has brought such happiness to us & we are constantly found looking besotted at this small package, making strange gaga noises! I was enormously touched that you remembered my birthday, but its typical of Margaret not to forget something thats special to me! At the first opportunity that comes, I will sneak William out, so that you can have a viewing.

DECEMBER 21, 1985

Diana said Prince Harry’s birth in September 1984 was the high point of her marriage. But by 1985 she was desperately unhappy and told biographer Andrew Morton she had attempted suicide several times. She claimed to have cut her wrists with razor blades and thrown herself at a glass cabinet in Kensington Palace.

I TOOK William to see Father Christmas in a shop last week & he was quite undaunted by the prospect, instead he produced a list as long as your arm of presents he wanted for the 24th & nothing was left out! I do not know how parents cope with more than two children as the parents of these boys are exhausted before the event (24th/25th) trying to keep up with their pace!

W adores nursery school & luckily for us its just around the corner & Harry longs to join in too, so there weren’t any tears from big brother on taking him there the first week. (Diana then draws a smiley face) I mustn’t bang on any more as the point of this letter was to say that I’m thinking of you a great deal & wishing you all a happy Christmas.

JULY 29, 1986

The Prince and Princess of Wales celebrated their fifth anniversary, but Charles later revealed to biographer Jonathan Dimbleby that he rekindled his affair with Camilla in 1986. In her Panorama TV interview, Diana said her affair with Major James Hewitt also began in 1986, admitting she had been in love with him.

YOU are really wonderful to have sent us such a lovely card on our Wedding Anniversary – the five years have flown by & what with two little men to look after its not surprising! (Two inky smudges mark the page and Diana has written “William’s Fingers!” at the side) Charles & I were so touched by your thought, Margaret, & we just wanted you to know how much it meant to us – A huge thank you!!

Princess Diana's Unseen Personal Letters
Princess Diana's Unseen Personal Letters

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