Quintessentially One – World’s Finest Floating Membership Club Take Cruising to a New Level

Quintessentially One - World's Finest Floating Membership Club
Quintessentially One – World’s Finest Floating Membership Club

Taking the cruising to an altogether new level, the Quintessentially One luxury yacht is a 220-meter luxury liner that offering a lifestyle membership becomes a floating destination to the passengers, as the vessel is selling luxury apartments between £8 million ($12.6 million) and £12 million ($19 million). Housing 12 triplex residential apartments on the top decks, the mega yacht will also accommodate a £750 ($1,200) per night boutique hotel, restaurant by Wolseley, Quintessence spa and a shopping emporium to attract visitors from all across the world.

CampbellGray Hotels of London run the hotel on board, and the luxurious suites measure 40, 60 and 100 square meters. Other lavish amenities include a night bar, a range of water sport activities, high-tech business center, an onboard library, kids’ area and plenty of bespoke services.

Quintessentially One calls itself the world’s finest floating club, and it will travel to the most luxurious ports around the globe for leading international events, such a Monaco Yacht Show in Monte Carlo, the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix or The Barbados Garrison Savannah Horse Racing. Film stars Could even use the yacht as Their basic During the Cannes Film Festival. The most in-demand destinations so far are the Rio Carnival, the Monaco Grand Prix and The Venice Film Festival.

But, just in case You Have A Few Million pounds burning a hole in your pocket and are eager to hop on board the ‘floating destination’, be warned. Cash alone does not Qualify you for a jaunt on the yacht decadent. Passengers Will Have to join an exclusive club before They can sail anywhere, and membership is by invitation only.

The Quintessentially One superyacht will set on its maiden voyage sometime in 2013, but a waiting list has already been created. What would we give to see that list!

[Source: Quintessentially One]

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