Residence Of The Late Romanian Communist Dictator Nicolae Ceausescu On Sale

The residence of the late Romanian communist dictator Nicolae Ceausescu in Bucharest will be sold, because the maintenance costs are too high. The residence called “The Castle of Spring” was designed by architect Cezar Lazarescu during 1964 /65, under the direct control of the spouse Ceausescu. Elena Ceausescu personally selected chandeliers and mosaics, and the residence boasts a swimming pool, solarium, sauna and a golden fountain.

Nicolae Ceausescu Residence in Bucharest

After the revolution in December in 1989, the local TV stations have shown footage of the building where the couple lived 25 years. The institution that manages the inheritance of state protocol has determined that property, on the boulevard in Bucharest Primaverii, official delegation use more than three or four times a year, and maintenance costs are very high.

Nicolae Ceausescu Residence in Bucharest

Based on this, a decision was made on the sale of the residence that possesses the land of 14 acres. Nicolae Ceausescu was the president of Romania from 1965 unto death on December 25 in 1989, when he was executed after a brief trial with his wife.

Nicolae Ceausescu Residence in Bucharest Nicolae Ceausescu Residence in Bucharest

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