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Retro Sony XDR-S16DBP Radio

Its a simple set, in a wooden enclosure with rounded sides, a DAB / DAB + and FM tuner, and that was it. No additional ports, iPod docks, entrances to other music players. A couple of knobs, antenna, and quiet tones of a vacation in a cottage. Its made for those who do not like to complicate things too much.

Sony XDR-S16DBP Radio

Sony XDR-S16DBP Radio reproduced clear stereo sound from the 0.8W+0.8W stereo speakers. The 16×2 character LCD display gives a clear readout of DAB/DAB+ channel and programme information.

There is also a Sleep Timer who switches off the radio after a preset delay, saving power if you are sleeping in bed. There’s also a headphone jack for listening your favourite radio shows in private.

Sony XDR-S16DBP, A DAB+ Radio With Elegant Retro Look

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