Reunite With Your Puppy – $100,000 for Cloning

Pet cloning is nothing new. The first commercially cloned pet was a cat named Little Nicky, produced in 2004 by Genetic Savings & Clone. As the science of animal cloning has progressed within the last few years, this procedure is now available in Korea, according to company called My Friend Again. But if you want to be reunited with your best friend, you’ll have to pay $100,000 (£66,000). To clone a dog, you have to prepare to preserve a small sample of tissue from the dog, while she/he is still alive or within five days of its death – and freezes the cells. You’ll receive a biopsy kit – a Styrofoam box with ice packs and vials to store your pets tissues or biopsy samples when shipping back to company.

Korean company can clone your dead dog and revive your pet love for $100,000

A simple procedure done under the guidance of a veterinarian at home – he will place your dog under anesthesia and perform a small surgery to extract quality tissue and cells from your dog. These cells are cultured from the sample tissue to ensure that the cells are viable. The cells are then frozen and stored in a liquid nitrogen storage container. If your dog has already passed away and you did not save his cells then it is too late. Dogs cannot be cloned from blood, DNA, hair, or teeth.The cost to store your dogs cells are about $100 per year.

Once your dog clone is born you will have to wait until the clone is at least 2 months before you can return with your best friend again by plane. You will be responsible for all cost to Korea inluding food, plane ticket, hotel, and miscellaneous expenses. So, the price isn’t $100,000 only. You have to sign contract which basically says that company will attempt to clone your dog in period of one year. And there is no guarantee on success. So, do you love your puppy more than $100,000?

Korean company can clone your dead dog and revive your pet love for $100,000

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