Richard Juhlin Optimum Champagne Glass

Swedish design studio Claesson Koivisto Rune worked with the world’s number one champagne expert Richard Juhlin to create the new Champagne glass. The ‘Richard Juhlin Optimum’ Champagne glass, manufactured by Italian brand Italesse, allows you to get the best out of each and every glass of champagne or wine. In a process of developing lasting over three years, Juhlin experimented blindfolded with hundreds of glasses of all types of size, shape, and thickness of rim, until he came to create the perfect glass.

Richard Juhlin Optimum Champagne Glass

It is a uniquely thin and slender, machine-made glass which ensures quality and performance consistency. This glass is available with the ‘Juhlin Line‘, traced around the bowl of the glass, indicating the exact level to fill the glass to in order to experience Champagne at its purest form.

Richard Juhlin Optimum Champagne Glass
“The ideal Champagne glass must allow the wine to be swirled to release the aromatics, but with a small opening to collect them. The flute-style shape is crucial in keeping the temperature low and retaining the bubbles, and hence the long, relatively narrow glass design, with a bulbous mid-section, which is wider than both the opening, and the base of the glass.”
After the success with the champagne glass, Richard Juhlin applied the same philosophy to designing white, red and dessert wine glasses, creating the world’s finest glass in each wine category.

Richard Juhlin Optimum Champagne Glass Richard Juhlin Optimum Champagne Glass

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