Ride In London’s First Lamborghini Cab

The capital of England is known for many things. There are the Buckingham Palace, the London “Eye” and the black taxi vehicles. Recently, another black cab cruising the London causing quite a reaction. Thanks to the company “Pure Rally” London has got another taxi vehicle. In black of course, with a distinctive yellow TAXI sign on the roof, but with the V10 engine capacity of 5.2 liters with 570 horsepower. It is a Lamborghini Gallardo LP 570-4, which was seen, premiered, on the streets of London on Wednesday and immediately named “Lambo cab”.

Ride In London's First Lamborghini Cab

The first customer of the new taxi in the city was a model and television star, Imogen Thomas, who entered the cab in front of the Mayfair Hotel in central London. After driving VIP passengers, “Lambo cab” picked up “regular” passengers who did not mind the lack of the back seat. After all, its one time chance to ride in Lambo.

Ride In London's First Lamborghini Cab

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