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Seabreacher X – Ultimate Millionaire’s Shark Boat

Seabreacher X - Shark-like Boat
Seabreacher X – Shark-like Boat

Here is an amazing vehicle, a shark shaped submarine that performs feats like a shark. Its creator Rob Innes, however, doesn’t consider it a submarine but a cross between a plane and a boat. Dubbed the Seabreacher X, the boat is a rather an ultimate millionaire’s boy-toy: a James Bond-style craft that can dive under water, roll from side to side and jump 12ft into the air.

Touted to be the ultimate toy of the rich, the Seabreacher X is a two-seater boat that can reach speeds of 50 mph on water and 25 mph after diving below the surface (although it is not exactly a submarine). Driving like a high-powered jet ski, the snorkel supplies air to the 260hp supercharged engine of this boat that resembles a great white shark.

Not only is this, but Seabreacher X has many close resemblances to a white shark. It includes a dorsal fin, gaping jaws, rows of dagger-sharp teeth and measures 16.5ft in length which is almost identical to sharks’. Steering, via the side and tail fins as well as the motor’s vectored thrust (up/down/left/right) looks almost as tight and zippy as a jet ski – with the added benefit that you can use the fins to send yourself into a spiraling barrel roll. It just looks like a crazy fun ride for both driver and passenger as you tear through the water in the completely watertight cockpit.

Among the high-tech features includes a snorkel mounted video camera that can transmit live video to LCD screens for the pilot and passenger during dives, GPS navigation and on board stereo with iPod docking.

The Seabreacher X takes three months to build and costs £60,000 ($93,150). Reportedly, the Seabreacher has already become a favorite toy of the millionaires in the Middle East. The company plans to build 10 of this particular shark-like design model with two already pre-sold. So if you are interested, you had better hurry right away.

You should watch the video below, especially to see the way that it can surface and dive like a real shark. It is definitely better effects than the original Jaws.

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  1. The French shipyard Piratus is also working on a new dolphin boat generation at the fraction of the price of this one. Thez website say will be available at the end of 2011.

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