Selfridges Exclusive Audi Kids Sports Car – Great Kids Gifts for Christmas

Selfridges&Co Exclusive Audi Kids Sports Car
Selfridges&Co Exclusive Audi Kids Sports Car

While it’s never easy to select appropriate gifts for your friends and family, as tastes vary from individual to individual, it’s comparatively easier to select one for kids, knowing kids universally love toys. And you just cannot go wrong with an exclusive toy car like Selfridges&Co Audi Kids Sports Car.

Just like the real thing, this sporty toy offers soft seat upholstery, real handbrake, whisper wheels and original Audi design wheel rims. Fully adjustable to suit the driver, this slick car is sure to rev up the fun at playtimes.

The Selfridges&Co Audi Kids Sports Car is priced at a mere £279 ($445), a far cry from the $13,399 D-Type Jaguar Children’s Car or Wisa Gloria Gold Tricycle.

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