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Selling Like Hot Cakes – $150,000 Pure Gold Dresses

One jeweler in the Turkish city of Kahramanmarasu is making dresses made of pure gold. Despite a price of TRY300,000 (about USD$145,000), the owner of the company, Ahmet Atakan said they already sold eight pieces. He and his team made a design for which no one had the courage to make and to sell especially in the Aegean region. Each dress consists of 78,000 pieces of 22-karat gold weighing 3 kilograms. Seven workers spent 15 days for making one dress. According to Atakan ,they thought that the sale of the dress won’t go well but is actually quite well.

dresses made of pure gold

“So far we have sold eight dresses. We have orders so we continue to make and to sell. Till the end of this year we will sell a total of ten dresses,” said Atakan.

He added that there are those who are waiting in line to buy the gold dress and that the economic crisis, changes in the dollar and gold don’t affect the sale of this precious garment.

dresses made of pure gold

As Atakan says, the price of the garments varies depending on the length and the proportion of clients who will wear it. They currently work on the dress which will cost TRY800,000 (about USD$377,000).

He also added that members of the fairer sex are simply crazy about these dresses.

” This isn’t a dress to be worn down the street. There are some people that might not even wear it, but just want to have them. We sold them for wedding and engagement,” he said.

dresses made of pure gold dresses made of pure gold dresses made of pure gold

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