Shelby SuperCars Ultimate Aero – Revealed at the Dubai Motor Show

Shelby SuperCars launches 2010 Ultimate Aero at Dubai International Motor Show 2009 featuring World’s First One Piece Carbon Fiber Wheel.

Shelby Ultimate Aero 1
Shelby Ultimate Aero

Shelby SuperCars (SSC), an American supercar company and the creator of the “Ultimate Aero”, has launched $740,000 “2010 Ultimate Aero”, the fastest production car in the world. The new supercar model can accelerate from 0 to 100 km/h in 2.78 seconds and is capable of a top speed of 260+ mph.

The new Ultimate Aero runs on an exclusive SSC-designed, one-piece billet aluminum twin turbo V8 engine block designed to improve structural integrity and oiling capabilities while improving durability. Now armed with the more powerful new engine, the 2010 model produces 1287 hp, and 1112 ft-lbs of torque. SSC also commissioned American company “Aeromotive” to develop a flawless system to accommodate the unique fuel system requirements of the 2010 Ultimate Aero, which features upgrades including carbon ceramic brakes.

Shelby Ultimate Aero 2
Shelby Ultimate Aero

Shelby 2010 Ultimate Aero features the world’s first one-piece carbon fiber wheel, which has been pioneered by “Carbon Revolution” through a 2-year relationship with SSC. The technology behind the one-piece carbon fiber wheel has been through a five-year development period. Boasting of a nine-spoke classic design, the carbon fiber wheels are half the weight of conventional wheels, which results in improved suspension performance, better grip, improved acceleration, braking, and a sharper steering feel. Carbon Revolution is the only producer of one-piece carbon fiber wheels.

Packed with a revamped front fascia design and an array of important upgrades – including a navigation system, 10-speaker premium audio/CD/DVD system, 7.5″ video/DVD screen and automatic rear view camera – SSC delivers a vehicle that eclipses all other cars in performance and aesthetics. In addition, the centre console incorporates a digital temperature control unit and tire pressure monitor.

The sleek looks and hi-tech features make this beauty a must have for all thrill seekers.

Shelby Ultimate Aero 3
Shelby Ultimate Aero

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