Spiral Groove’s SG1.2 Turntable Will Cost You $30,000

Spiral Groove's SG1.2 Turntable Will Cost You $30,000

California-based Spiral Groove is a design and manufacturing firm dedicated to building high-performance audio products with a focus on analog. Since its inception Spiral Groove has been building world-class turntables and tonearms that have received numerous awards and accolades worldwide. Their most popular product is an award-winning SG1.1, a model that came out in 2007. Now, Berkeley company announced the availability of its new top of the line Spiral Groove SG1.2 turntable, which incorporates a host of upgrades from the previous SG1.1. The SG1.2 features a new platter, isolation feet, damping material and various other parts and an improved magnetic platter levitation system to deliver significantly improved sound quality and performance.

Spiral Groove's SG1.2 Turntable Will Cost You $30,000
Spiral Groove’s SG1.2 Turntable Will Cost You $30,000

The SG1.2’s new turntable feet, based upon the design of Spiral Groove’s Strange Attractor isolation feet, and the 20 pounds of additional weight provided by the upgrades contribute to the turntable’s improved isolation and reduced noise floor.
This turntable is engineered using Spiral Groove’s Balanced Force Design approach, aimed at achieving the most elegant equilibrium of materials, performance, function, manufacturability and beauty.
The main body is made up of two platforms, separated by elastomers that mechanically decouple them. This helps to form a rigid and well-damped platform.
Speed control is electronic between 33 1/2 and 45rpm, and the low voltage/high-torque AC synchronous motor is decoupled from the deck to help minimise noise interference. The platter has an inverted sapphire disc/hardened steel bearing and platter assembly.
Finally, the tonearm mounting board is fitted with a stainless steel bayonet mounting system that allows users to easily remove it at the push of a button. This means multiple arm and cartridge combinations can be swapped and installed for different types of music.
The upgrades over the SG1.1 add up to a combined weight of 20lbs (approx 9kg), bringing the overall weight up to 43kg
The Spiral Groove SG1.2 is currently available at a suggested retail price of $30,000. But if you already have the SG1.1, don’t fret, because Spiral Groove will upgrade it for you for only $6,000.

Spiral Groove's SG1.2 Turntable Will Cost You $30,000
Spiral Groove’s SG1.2 Turntable Will Cost You $30,000

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