Stores Your Prized Cigars in Buben&Zorweg’s Grand Connoisseur Humidor

 Buben&Zorweg’s Grand Connoisseur Humidor
Buben&Zorweg’s Grand Connoisseur Humidor

Buben&Zorweg, better known for its safes, mechanical clocks and showcases for luxury watch collectors, has turned its hand to showcasing and preserving cigars. The Grand Connoisseur Humidor is a novel design incorporating Buben&Zorweg’s typical combination of innovative technology and master craftsmanship.

Standing at 5 feet and 6 inches, the Grand Connoisseur humidor features the finest German craftsmanship and is hand-finished in Macassar wood. The humidor, which can house up to 1000 cigars, comes with a vital state-of-the-art humidification system, automated contamination protection, an electronic water level indicator, stainless steel framed portholes, LED lighting and a high security German lock.

The interior has been done in Spanish cedar for optimal aroma development. This humidor offers selected cigars the ideal microclimate, electronically regulated with precision. Buben&Zorweg promise that your cigars will not merely maintain their character over the years; they will mature to aromatic perfection.

Good cigars, like fine wines, improve with every year that passes, provided they are stored in an environment that caters to the tobacco leaves’ sensitivity to humidity. The ideal conditions can even enhance the intensity and quality of the aroma. A humidor is the best way to provide a well-balanced microclimate for fine cigars, helping to preserve them and ensure that they get even better with age.

[Source: Buben&Zorweg]

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