Why This Super-Cup Worth $200

It took seven years for startup company Mark One to develop this great product, smart super cup, called Vessyl, which will cost $200. As reported by the American media, it is the cup volume of 13 ounces (0.38 liters), powered by the battery, and it has enabled bluetooth connection and smartphone synchronization. This cup works as follows: Fill it with any drink and it will display very accurately show what you drink. The cup was tested with a few dozen different beverages, and Vessyl, without exception, every time hit exactly which drink is in it. Cup even manages to distinguish energy drinks which taste is very similar.

Why This Super-Cup Worth $200
The creators of Vessyl explained, that the purpose of their products is to remind forgetful people what they actually drink. This smart cup simultaneously measure sugar, protein, calories, fat and caffeine, a monitored hydration. It can even tell the difference in caffeine between strong and weak coffee, or to calculate the nutritional value of homemade shakes.

Why This Super-Cup Worth $200
Justin Li, co-founder and CEO, Mark One, says that it is very important to monitor what we put in ourselves, and that’s why they have developed a product that is actually a “sensor that can instantly analyze the nutritional value of the drink, at the molecular level”. Vessyl will appear on the market, next year, at a price of $199, but this clever cup, today, can be ordered via the internet at half the price.

Why This Super-Cup Worth $200 Why This Super-Cup Worth $200 Why This Super-Cup Worth $200

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