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Swarovski Jeweled Jawbone Icon Bluetooth Headset

Swarovski Jeweled Jawbone Icon Bluetooth Headset
Swarovski Jeweled Jawbone Icon Bluetooth Headset

Jawbone is one of the most famous brands in the field of electronics and the name Jeweled usually associated the best Bluetooth Headsets. It has launched many unique headsets and shocked the international market, now again back to do same as pervious because it’s along with its latest creation Swarovski Jeweled Jawbone Icon Bluetooth Headset.

Today’s modern age is difficult to imagine without Bluetooth headset. These headsets are available in two attractive colors of black and gold adorned with swarosvski crystal. If you are interested to have a piece of this then you have to check Neiman Marcus because they are available their at the price of $200.

Jawbone Icon Bluetooth Headset adorned by swarovski crystal not only perfects from look it also superb by its features because it allows you to use many facilities such as to text, dials, email, download music and additional apps. These Bluetooth headsets easy to connect with multiple phones for those who generally use many phones together, it allows you to speak seven languages and some other features are 8+ days standby time and up to 4.5 hours talk time along with military-grade Noise Assassin 2.5. [Neiman Marcus / Jawbone via Chip Chick]

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  1. I just got my hands on the Jawbone Prime actually (my first dabble into bluetooth headsets!). There aren’t too many places that sell them in the UK anymore so I went through these guys. I have to say it’s a pretty nice piece of kit. The design is pretty classy and I love the noise cancellation.

    I might upgrade to the Icon at some point though, as my daughter has her eye on this one lol… I’m wondering if it really is a step up from the Prime or if I should just stick to what I know…

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