TAG Heuer F1 Lady Ceramic Watches Will Be Officially Unveiled at Baselworld 2010

The 2005 launch of the Formula 1 Diamonds watch represented a giant challenge for TAG Heuer, which until then had primarily targeted the men’s market. Today, however, the feminine market represent 30% of TAG Heuer’s overall turnover. The ceramic additions to TAG Heuer Lady F1 line provide new opportunities in this growing sector.

TAG Heuer F1 Lady Series Watches with Ceramic Bezel

New TAG Heuer F1 Lady series watches with ceramic bezel and bracelet components will be officially unveiled at Baselworld 2010. This is TAG Heuer’s first foray into the use of ceramic in its bezels and bracelets. Ceramic is a multisensory material, soft and warm yet unalterable: like a diamond, it cannot be scratched. Strong and exquisite, it is especially appealing to women. Combined with stainless steel, it creates a sublime bracelet with butterfly clasp — perfect for the most delicate wrist.

The new Tag Heuer Formula 1 Lady comes in a black, white and diamond version. All feature smooth lines and basic functions. The bezel on the jewelled version sparkles with 60 diamonds. The black edition is perfect for night on the town; the white, for anytime and anyplace. The exquisite creations from TAG Heuer for women will boast of quartz movements. Brimming with style, class and of course luxury, these timepieces will perfectly complement the women of today.

TAG Heuer F1 Lady Watch - Black
TAG Heuer F1 Lady Watch - White
TAG Heuer F1 Lady Watch - Diamind

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