TAG Heuer Link Full Diamonds and White Lizard Smartphone

Swiss luxury brand, TAG Heuer, has presented the Link Smartphone a few months ago and it is now available for pre-order. Existing in various luxurious designs, the latest Exclusive model, the Full Diamonds & White Lizard, is particularly glittery.

TAG Heuer Link Full Diamonds and White Lizard Smartphone
TAG Heuer Link Full Diamonds and White Lizard Smartphone

Showing a 3.5-inch gorilla glass capacitive touch screen on the front, this phone has a total of 1007 diamonds around its stainless steel body. A majority of them is on the front, but a sizable number of them adorn the back cover and sides as well. Since white has been the primary color, the battery cover has a white lizard leather cover with animal patterns, which in total comes to around 2.53 carats of weight.

The phone has optimal security and shock proof construction couple with an Android OS with flash support, Google Map, Facebook integration and a 1GHz to run it all.  Another borrowed design from watches is the crown mechanism on the side of the TAG Heuer Link, which slides out to house the phone’s SIM card. Apps can be added via the Android Market, but out of the box are customised screen designs, widgets, animations, wallpapers, icons and ring tones exclusive to TAG Heuer.

The price for now is available only by request, but if you absolutely must have it then the Smartphone can be reserved exclusively on TAG Heuer.

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