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  • Clic Gold's 18-carat Gold Eyeglasses

    $75,000 Clic Gold – World’s Most Expensive Eyeglasses

    World’s most expensive eyeglasses are product of company called Clic Gold. Along with renowned jewelry designer/co-inventor, Hugh Power, Clic Gold launched their 18-carat glasses with the price tag of $75,000! Clic Gold’s 18-carat glasses includes superb designs and comes with fashionable exclusive looks. It is use a magnetic front connection system, and the other details include: […] More

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    $200,000 Emerald Sunglasses For A Richer World View

    Australia-based Shiels jewelers designed luxury Emerald Sunglasses priced at $200,000. These glasses were inspired in Rome by a Roman emperor named Nero, who is believed to be watching gladiator fights through polished light emerald green gems held up to his eyes. Emerald Sunglasses are the second world’s most expensive sunglasses after the Dolce & Gabanna […] More

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    World’s Most Expensive iPad Costs $1.2 Million

    Diamond-encrusted iPad from Camael Camael has unveiled iPad ornamented with 1kg of 18 carat gold and 300 carat flawless diamonds. Priced at $1.2 million, it is the world’s most expensive iPad. It is also adorned with black diamonds on the home button and the Apple logo on its rear. Camael will happily customize your million-dollar […] More

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    New Vertu Constellation Quest Carbon Fibre Luxury Phone

    Vertu Constellation Quest Carbon Fibre 18-Karat Gold Vertu has launched two new luxury mobile phone from Constellation Quest series, inspired from the world of racing cars and aircraft design. It runs on Symbian and will come in two versions: one in polished stainless steel and one in 18 carat gold. Interior is the use of valuable […] More

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    Gresso iPhone 4 Gold Crystal Collection – Gresso Makes Diamonds out of Gold

    Gresso iPhone 4 Gold Crystal Have you ever heard of gold crystals? Well they are not naturally available, but are manufactured by a unique artificially patented process that Gresso has come up with, for their new collection of crystal jewelry Gold, made out of 18 carat gold. Gresso has created two different cuts for their […] More

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    iPhone 4 Black Diamond by Gresso Solve the Signal Problem

    Gresso, a well known company for luxury devices has come up with the new one this time in the form of iPhone 4 Black Diamond. Along with enhancing its glam factor, they are also claiming to eliminate the signal problems. This time they have studded the 18 carat gold Apple logo on the unique 200-year-old […] More

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    Chanel Retrograde Mysterieuse J12 to Celebrate Its Successful 10 Years

    To celebrate the J12’s tenth anniversary, Chanel is offering a totally new watchmaking complication where aesthetics bow to technical prowess. The Chanel Rétrograde Mysterieuse J12 features a specially developed movement which moves the crown from the side of the case to on the side of the dial to preserve the aesthetic curves of the watch. […] More