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    Explore the Beauty of Perú by Private Plane

    Travcoa, a world leader in luxury travel, is marking its 60th Anniversary year with an extraordinary journey to explore the beaty of Perú. Travelers will have a chance to learn the history of Perú from Pre-Incan through Colonial times, all by traveling aboard a richly-appointed private plane. During the 10-day journey, travelers will explore the […] More

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    BIC Cristal Celebrates 60th Anniversary With Dress Made From 1.200 BIRO Pens And 2000 Swarovski Crystals

    Dress Made From 1,200 BIC Pens What you get when you connect the BIC pens and Swarovski crystals? It’s really not a trick question. You get the dress worth £10,000 ($14,000)! BIC Cristal celebrates 60th anniversary this month and to commemorate this designer Annette Carey has created an extraordinary garment. She has created a mesmerizing […] More

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    McIntosh MCLK12 Wall Clock Add Some Retro Zing to Your Wall

    McIntosh MCLK12 Wall Clock From 1949 McIntosh has carved out a reputation for providing impeccable audio designs and recently celebrated their 60th anniversary by launching a limited edition MC75 amplifier. However, what comes as a little bit of a surprise is the company’s new launch, a clock shaped in their signature amplifier style. The MCLK12 […] More