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    New Acer AT58 TV LED Series Designed by Pininfarina

    Acer AT58 TV LED Series by Pininfarina The latest from the house of Pininfarina that specializes in interior and product design, is the brand new Acer AT58 TV LED Series. The Acer AT58 TV was designed by Pininfarina with an aim to attract and relax the user. The design flaunts the right angles and straight […] More

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    Acer Liquid E Ferrari Special Edition Android Phone Gets Ready to Zoom into Your Lives

    At the on-going Computex 2010 convention, Acer has unveiled brand new Liquid E Ferrari Edition smartphone. The handset will reportedly boast of the same specs of the regular Liquid E: WVGA touch screen display, Wi-Fi, GPS, 5MP camera and Snapdragon processor. This Ferrari special edition phone is, of course, painted in bright red, and features […] More