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    The Porsche 991 Carrera S Cabrio With GEMBALLA GT Aerodynamics

    GEMBALLA has attracted the attention with their Air package for the new Porsche 911 Carrera S cabrio (Series 991). Visual makeover is the GEMBALLA GT aerodynamic package, which starts with a new, front bumper/spoiler section with three large cooling air intakes, and large lip spoilers to provide more stabilising downforce at speed. The organic lines […] More

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    Exceedingly Rare Ferrari 599XX up for Sale

    Rare Ferrari 599XX Supercar One of the most prestigious cars any Ferrari enthusiast can own is the 599XX. Ferrari’s XX line of cars, as you know, are a rolling test-bed for new technologies that will eventually filter across to Ferrari’s future road and race cars. The first was the awesome FXX and subsequent FXX Evolution, both based […] More

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    The Luxury Yacht on the Road – Futuria Sport+Spa Caravan Truck

    Futuria Sport+Spa Caravan The luxurious motorhomes are a home away from home for the distinct traveler. The latest in the highest quality motorhomes is Futuria’s sports+spa caravan that was recently unveiled at the Caravan Salon 2010, held in Dusseldorf Exhibition Centre, Dusseldorf, Germany on August 27. This extraordinary show truck fuses aerodynamics and a trucker […] More