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    Your Face On a Plane? Ryanair Will Make This Possible!

    Is seeing your face on a plane something you’ve always dreamed of? If the answer is Yes, it’s good to know that your dream can now become reality. Ryanair, which is celebrating its 30th birthday, has launched the competition which allows customers to become the face of the airline. Europe’s largest budget carrier is planning […] More

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    Enter From Mercedes S – Class In The S – Class Plane

    Mercedes-Benz Style and Lufthansa Technik have joined forces to create the interior of the VIP aircraft. The joint project will be presented at the European Business Aviation Convention & Exhibition from 19 to 21 May in Geneva. Two companies will be presenting the concept of luxury VIP cabins of aircrafts intended for short and medium […] More

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    Bespoke Boeing 787 Dreamliner Customized by Greenpoint Technologies

    Lately, more and more airplanes go through makeovers which turn them into luxurious flying mansions. Washington-based Greenpoint Technologies is the leading elite jet interior designer in that field. Here is what they done to their newly customized Boeing 787 Dreamliner. This sumptuous Boeing 787 heavily fitted with high-end amenities became flying palace. Those on board […] More

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    New Supersonic Aircraft, Faster Than Sound, More Comfortable Than Limo

    More than ten years after the last supersonic flight, comes the new generation of supersonic commercial aircraft, which reportedly flying at least two times faster than current commercial aircrafts. These aircraft will make their first appearance on the market, as private and corporate aircrafts and, given the astronomical prices, will be available only to the […] More

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    Boeing 727 Fuselage Suite – Part of the Costa Verde Resort

    Located in the Costa Rican rainforest, the Costa Verde Resort features an astonishing hotel suite set inside a vintage 1965 Boeing 727 airplane. This beautifully refurbished 727 perched up in the trees in Manuel Antonio with a view of the Pacific Ocean is nothing less than spectacular. The airplane was brought back to life after […] More

  • Diamonds Worth $50 Million Stolen at the Brussels Airport

    Like a Movie! Diamonds Worth $50 Million Stolen at the Brussels Airport

    Apparently when it comes to diamonds, the robbers don’t see any obstacle. What happened at the Brussels airport late on Monday was just like in the movies. Eight masked thieves stole diamonds believed to be worth €37 million ($50 million) from an aircraft bound for Switzerland. Rough diamonds have been stolen in a lightning-fast heist, […] More

  • Panthera - Four-seater Airplane by Pipistrel

    Pipistrel Unveils New Panthera Four-seater Airplane

    Recently unveiled at the Aero Expo in Freidrichshafen, Germany, Pipistel’s new Panthera Four-seater airplane can be ordered with a standard, albeit highly efficient, gas engine. But it’s also available in an all-electric model for those preferring an aircraft that produces less air and noise pollution. The four-seat, 202-knot, 210-horsepower Lycoming IO-390 powered airplane is projected to be […] More

  • 1954 AEROCAR ONE N101D

    A Rare 1954 AEROCAR Goes for Sale at $1.3 Million

    The Terrafugia’s flying car Transition was supposed to be unveiled in 2011, but now it seems like the revamped car will start delivery by the end of the year. But here is an alternative for those who don’t want to wait that long. You’ll be surprised to know that flying cars have been around as early as […] More

  • MotoArt's DC-10 Cowling Bed

    DC-10 Cowling Bed by MotoArt

    MotoArt designs and produces the highest quality furniture pieces made up of vintage airplane parts. Their pieces and sculptures add an edgy character to rooms and stand as a tribute to the great history of aviation. Expanding on their current collection, the brand has recently launched a new DC-10 Cowling Bed which has been created […] More

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    Donald Trump Is Reacher For Boeing 757 Jet

    Seems that Donald Trump, Palm Beach’s most famous almost-presidential candidate very often is looking for an opportunity to purchase and sale aircrafts. Now, Trump enriched his private airplanes collection with new Boeing 757 Jet. The real estate tycoon confirmed he had bought a 757, which he said is about twice the size of his other […] More

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    MotoArt’s New Fuselage Bench Seating – Flying Experience On The Ground

    MotoArt’s Fuselage Bench Seating If you like traveling by plane, and you like the feel when you sit inside an aircraft, then MotoArt’s new Fuselage Bench Seating is here to provide that experience every day. We have already reported about conference table, dividers, reception desks, office desks, and conference desks in the style of aircraft. […] More

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