Incase’s Book Jacket Select for iPad 2

Incase's Book Jacket Select for iPad 2 Incase’s Book Jacket Select for iPad 2 Incase’s popular Book Jacket iPad case gets a premium upgrade and improved functionality with their new Book Jacket Select. The Book Jacket Select for iPad 2 features a pebbled texture for a premium look and feel, an enhanced suede liner, and new position rails that securely prop up your iPad. The Select model opens to convert into a stand with three viewing positions and has a low-profile working angle that’s perfect for comfortable typing. A durable elastic band secures it closed for easy carrying. There is also a precision-cut camera hole so it’s a snap to take pictures with your iPad 2 still safely protected.

89,999 Camaél Solid Gold iPad

Camaél Solid Gold iPad costs more than a Bentley Exclusive Camaél Solid Gold iPad We have already seen the worlds most expensive iPad 2 Gold History Edition by Stuart Hughes that costs a staggering £5 million. For the bling-bling lovers, Camaél Diamonds in Coventry is offering a Solid Gold iPad for a cool £89,999 ($148,000). The luxury version of the iPad is available in white, yellow or rose gold to suit your individual preference. You can even add other preferred additional gems. Each one comes with an individual certification and is delivered to you personally in a beautifully made presentation box by an executive courier service. [Camaél]

iPad 2 Crystal Gold Edition – New Luxury Unique By Stuart Hughes

iPad 2 Crystal Gold Edition by Stuart HughesiPad 2 Crystal Gold Edition by Stuart Hughes Stuart Hughes continues in his style – he takes a popular, mass produced electronic item and transforms it into elegant, classy and luxurious product. After his Gold History, Supreme Fire, Supreme Ice and Supreme Platinum, Stuart Hughes and Goldstriker, has designed iPad 2 Crystal Gold Edition. The 24ct gold used to make this iPad has been skillfully polished to achieve a shiny mirror finish. The Apple logo is of course prominent and has been artistically created with some of the finest individually set crystals. The top end iPad2 has been taken up for the luxury treatment. It boasts of WiFi, 3G and a 64GB memory.

Rather Expensive Hermes Luxury iPad 2 Cases

Hermes Luxury iPad 2 Cases Hermes Luxury iPad 2 Cases One of the surest signs that an electronic product is successfully moving into the lifestyle of the rich and famous is that high-fashion brands start making accessories for it. The luxury leather-maker from Paris, Hermes, has launched two iPad 2 cases, which are more expensive than an actual iPad 2. The Hermes Swift, a sleeve type case for the second generation Apple iPad, is made in calf skin leather and available in 10 colours with a price tag of about $820. The Hermes Station is a book-style cover, made from the same material as the Swift, that doubles as a stand. Available in a range of four colors, the Station retails at a heart-stopping $1,400.

First Swarovski iPad 2 by CrystalRoc

Swarovski iPad 2 Case by CrystalRoc Swarovski iPad 2 Case by CrystalRoc CrystalRoc rocked the geeks by rolling out world’s first Swarovski-studded iPad. Like its predecessor, the Apple iPad 2 is going to be the prime target of haute couture brands and designers. While you have to wait a few more days before you could lay your hands on the Apple’s second-generation tablet, you could place an order with CrystalRoc for Swarovski encrusted iPad 2 cases. Each case is made in the company’s London studios and is decked out with over 4,000 Swarovski Xilion cut crystals that ensure an incredible sparkle and finish. For just $700, you can encase you new iPad in either of the Swarovski Crystal, Jet Hematite or Rose cases. The company also accepts orders for custom color cases too. [CrystalRoc]

Fiat 500c La Dolce Vita Gold and Diamonds 200hp by Fenice Milano

Fenice Milano Fiat 500c La Dolce Vita Gold and Diamonds 200hp Fenice Milano Fiat 500c La Dolce Vita Gold and Diamonds 200hp After the great interest achieved from the presentation on the market in September 2010, Fenice Milano receives a commission from a wealthy Chinese businessman to build a special version of its Fiat 500 La Dolce Vita. Dubbed La Dolce Vita Gold and Diamonds 200hp, the gilded car has 24K gold on everything, from the instrument panel to the dashboard and other trim parts. The performance of this Fenice Fiat 500c has been increased to 200 hp through a partnerships with Romeo Ferraris. The gold and diamond 500c has a new ECU, an upgraded turbo, and a new exhaust system with 200-cells catalytic converter. The 200hp Fiat 500c also has Brembo brakes and adjustable dampers.

Amosu Couture Adds Dazzling Glamour to the Apple iPad

Amosu Couture 24 carat gold iPad Amosu Couture 24 carat gold iPad If you’re not exactly the type of person who’s seriously affected by the current economic conditions and you really want to make someone a special gift this Christmas, then Luxury items’ manufacturer Alexander Amosu has a very interesting offering in store for you, namely the 24-carat gold-coated Apple iPad, that will be available in time for this Christmas. Dipped in 24 karat pure gold, the iPad is sure to catch many eyeballs and will spell sophistication and class. In case you aren’t a big fan of the yellow metal, you have a choice of silver, white gold, rose gold or in any colors of your choice. Beside the 24-carat gold plating, the device also sports no less than 356 Swarovski diamonds (totaling 1.7 carats) set in 11.6 grams of silver, that makes up the famous Apple logo, located on the rear side of the tablet, where just about everyone can see them. After all, what’s the purpose of spending the money on such a thing if you can’t flaunt it around a bit?

President Barack Obama ‘Of Thee I Sing – A Letter To My Daughters’ Book Already Rising to the top on the Amazon

Barack Obama's "Of Thee I Sing - A Letter To My Daughters" Book Barack Obama’s “Of Thee I Sing – A Letter To My Daughters” Book President and Nobel Prize winner Barack Obama is now adding another accomplishment to his resume: children’s book author. His new children’s book, “Of Thee I Sing: A Letter To My Daughters” is a tribute to Obama’s tribute to 13 prominent Americans including George Washington, Jackie Robinson and painter Georgia O’ Keeffe. It is already rising to the top on the Amazon and Barnes & Noble websites. Of Thee I Sing is part of a three-volume deal Obama signed in December 2004, just after he was elected senator but before he took office. When the deal was originally announced in 2004, the kids’ book was due in 2006, the profits were to go to charity and the original concept was for an illustrated volume about Obama’s childhood as a skinny young kid with big ears and funny name.

Amosu Couture Gold iPad – A More Glamorous Version of the Apple iPad

While the Stuart Hughes
iPad Supreme Editions command respect and an astronomical price, there are other ways to glamorize your brand-new tech toy.  Customized cell phone shop Amosu is now offering iPads with backs plated in 24 carat gold.
Gold-plated Amosu Couture iPad

Gold-plated Amosu Couture iPad

Unlike the Stuart Hughes’ version, the gilded iPad means the case of the original device remain. It’s just plated and not milled from solid gold, thereby lowering the cost but not diminishing the looks. As you can see, the gold iPad features an inscription on the back stating ’24ct Gold Plated Limited Edition’.