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    Hennessey VelociRaptor APV – The World’s First Armored Performance Vehicle

    Hennessey VelociRaptor APV If bulletproof clothing and bodyguards are just not enough, you definitely need an armored vehicle. Hennessey Performance, One of America’s top tuners, just announced the release of the 2012 VelociRaptor APV (Armored Performance Vehicle), a War Wagon that should give VIPs added protection on the go. The VelociRaptor APV, based on the […] More

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    Armored Jaguar XJ Sentinel Offers Extremely Impressive Levels of Protection

    Armored Jaguar XJ Sentinel Jaguar is now a-days busy giving final touches to its new armored special protection vehicle, the Jaguar XJ Sentinel, slated to be unveiled at the 2010 Moscow International Motor Show scheduled from Aug 25 – 29.  The armored XJ is based on the long-wheelbase XJ, whose aluminium structure allows it what […] More