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    World’s Oldest Star Charts at Sotheby’s Auction Block

    Albrecht Durer’s maps of the Northern and Southern skies Stargazers with some spare change lying around may want to check out the auction at Sotheby’s later this month when the oldest printed maps of the cosmos go on sale. Woodcut prints, drawn by German Renaissance artist Albrecht Durer, which show the northern and southern skies […] More

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    RM Auction Sports & Classics of Monterey Score Huge Sales

    RM Auction Sports & Classics of Monterey Monterey’s high-end collector-car auctions scored a number of huge multi-million sales, breaking price records and generally dismissing any notion of an ongoing economic recession. RM Auction’s Sports & Classics of Monterey sold an impressive 95 percent of its consignments in its three-day sale, racking up the highest overall […] More