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Replica Of KITT Car From Knight Rider Series On Sale

Replica Of KITT Car From Knight Rider Series On Sale

If you are a fan of the series Knight Rider from the eighties, with the main actor David Hasselhoff, then this offer will be interesting to you. The excellent replica of KITT car from aforementioned series is on sale, and the starting price is $15,000. It is expected that the online auction will bring even […]

Italy’s Government Sells Unneeded Cars on eBay

Italy's government auctions luxury cars…on eBay

Italy’s new government is selling off hundreds of unneeded cars used by government officials, in an online auction on eBay, as it strives to show it is responding to public pressure to cut spending and the privileges of the powerful. A list of 151 car makes and models for sale has been posted so far […]

Aston Martin DBS From ”The Persuaders” Series At Auction

Aston Martin DBS From ''The Persuaders'' Series At Auction

Although these cars have gained fame by appearing in the movies about secret agent James Bond, this is not the only situation in which Aston Martin playing its role. Aston Martin DBS has gained fame thanks to the series “The Persuaders“. The series that was popular in the early 70s is remembered by two things. […]

1963 Shelby Cobra Worth $830,000

1963 Shelby Cobra Worth $830,000

At an auction in Florida, Shelby Cobra from 1963 in excellent condition, has been sold for 600,000euros($830,000). This Shelby Cobra is a 23 copy that was made, and is known the exact date when the car came down from the lane. It is 28 novembar 1962, which means that exactly 52 years ago factory has […]

John Lennon’s Largest Collection of Art Works Goes Under the Hammer

John Lennon's Largest Collection of Art Works to be Auctioned

The largest collection of John Lennon’s artworks ever appeared on the market will go under the hammer by Sotheby’s in New York on June 4. All Beatles fan will have a chance to bid on Lennon’s Lennon drawings, poems and prose. “Including 89 lots ranging from $500 to $70,000, this is the largest private collection […]

1936 Nobel Peace Prize Goes Under the Hammer After Discovered in Pawn Shop

First Nobel Peace Prize to Sell in U.S. to be Sold at Auction by Stack’s Bowers Galleries

Maybe you can’t win the Nobel prize, but you can buy it at auction. 1936 Nobel Peace Prize goes under the hammer after it was discovered in a South American pawn shop. Realising its rarity, the shop owner got in touch with a US contact, and the medal was then passed around between a number […]

Golden Flappy Bird – Handmade 3D Figure On Auction

Fans rejoice – Solid gold Flappy Bird is up for auction

While guessing whether the game could make a comeback, here is something surely. Golden Flappy Bird is now up for online auction. A real life unique, artistic 3D figure, handmade from 100% 14k solid gold is waiting for your bid. The 85.23 g figure is made by a professional goldsmith from Vietnam- the birthplace of […]