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Steve McQueen’s and Dennis Hopper’s motorcycles Go Under the Hammer

Steve McQueen’s and Dennis Hopper’s motorcycles to be auctioned

Bikes belonged to two of the most famous motorcyclists in film, Steve McQueen and Dennis Hopper, go under the hammer. From July 26-27, all fans of film bikes will have a chance to bid for interesting part of history at Mecum Celebrity Items Auction in Santa Monica, California. First vintage, celebrity motorcycle is McQueen’s, a […]

Babe Ruth “Bustin’ Babes” Cap Highlight of Platinum Night Sports Auction

1927-28 Babe Ruth Game Worn "Bustin' Babes" Barnstorming Cap

“Bustin’ Babes” barnstorming cap worn by Babe Ruth at the pinnacle of his career will be highlight at the upcoming Platinum Night event held by Heritage Auctions. This collectible item is owned by the descendants of a young pastry chef for a noted Santa Barbara, California hotel who received it as gift when Ruth and […]

Lock of Mick Jagger’s Hair at Bonhams Auction

Lock of Mick Jagger's Hair

Unique item – a lock of hair belonging to Rolling Stones star Mick Jagger will be auctioned at the forthcoming Entertainment Memorabilia sale at Bonhams, Knightsbridge on 3rd July. With an estimated price of £1,500-£2,000 ($2,350-$3,130), the lock of hair is being sold by Chrissie Shrimpton, the younger sister of Jean Shrimpton – Jagger’s model […]

Just $1 million for Power Lunch with Warren Buffett


This year’s power lunch with Warren Buffett has been sold for just $1 million, a bargain price compared to past years, for example last year’s record bid price of $2.62 million. Actually, this year’s price is the lowest bid since 2007 when investor Mohnis Parbai won with a $650,100 bid. An undisclosed bidder won a […]

$1,000 Silver Certificate Sold for $2.6 Million – New World Record Price

On June 12, Stack’s Bowers Galleries has announced a new world record price of $2.6 million when sold an 1891 $1,000 Marcy Silver Certificate

Who would spend $2.6 million for $1,000 certificate? Obviously, there are such a persons. On June 12, Stack’s Bowers Galleries has announced a new world record price of $2.6 million when sold an 1891 $1,000 Marcy Silver Certificate. “Only two exist of this type, the other being a treasure in the National Numismatic Collection in […]

Rare Superman Comic Book Sold For $175,000

1938 Action Comics No.1

A rare, 75 year old copy of the first Superman comic book, which was found in the wall of a house in Minnesota has been sold at auction for $175,000. The identity of the customer, from online auction that ended on Tuesday, was not published. In the comic book “Action Comics” from June in 1938 […]

James Dean Pocket Watch at Auction in Hong Kong


James Byron Dean, cultural icon of the 50’s, known also as the title of his most celebrated film, “Rebel Without a Cause” had only three watches in his possession in his brief rebellious life. Sadly, he did not have time to become a collector of watches. He owned, one pocket watch (Standard Watch Company) who […]