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    NBS Universal Phono Pre Amplifier Can Satisfy Your Music Needs

    Despite all those top-notch hi-fi equipment, few particularly demanding audiophiles simply refuse to accept the smallest interferences that might disturb the perfect sound experience of their rare LP collection. If you wish for flawless low-level signal as well, check out the NBS Universal Phono Pre Amplifier. The 65 pound pure copper preamp supports both balanced […] More

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    Wilson Audio Sophia Series 3 Loudspeakers Made to Impress

    Wilson Audio has earned itself a name among the top luxury speakers manufacturers and has always impressed the audiophiles with its radical take on audio systems. However, when Wilson Audio named one of its sound systems as Sophia, audiophiles knew not to take them lightly. So, as they bring the Sophia Series 3 Loudspeakers with […] More

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    “Perfect8” – 5.1 Glass Speaker System for Real Audio Pleasure

    Perfect8 speakers are certainly not new to the elite audiophiles. This Sweden-based manufacturer in their mission to produce the world’s most exclusive and best sounding loudspeaker systems, has now come up with an ultimate surround sound system that will baffle you for more than one reason, especially for its $566,000 price tag. The ultimate Perfect8 […] More