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Mercedes Organizes Helicopter Transport For Their Customers

Mercedes Organizes Helicopter Transport For Their Customers

Mercedes is well known for its caring attitude towards their customers, and their newest offered service confirms that. The Australian owners of Mercedes, who traveling a lot, after they leave the car in service, will be able to be transported by helicopter to the airport and so avoid the crowds, and problems with parking. It […]

Luxury Villa Overlooking the Sea on the Gold Coast, Australia

luxury villa on the Gold Coast, in Queensland, Australia, now can be yours if you have 1.6 million Euros

This luxury villa on the Gold Coast, in Queensland, Australia, now can be yours if you have 1.6 million Euros. The 2200 sqm property is fully equipped and has everything you need. The villa features 10 rooms including 4 bedrooms, all with luxury en-suite bathroom. Another bathroom with a huge Jacuzzi is separated, such as […]

You Can Buy the Tiles of the Sydney Opera House

Sydney Opera House tiles up for ‘virtual’ sale

The Sydney Opera House in Sydney, New South Wales, Australia, is one of the most famous performing arts venues in the world. Now, you have a chance to own a piece of this one of the most distinctive and famous 20th-century buildings, since some of its famous tiles go on sale with hope to raise […]

Oceania Cruises Announces Around The World In 180 Days Cruise

Oceania Cruises announces the longest around-the-world voyage in the history

For those who want to escape from everyday life and who like to travel with high comfort, for romantic souls who want to experience the “good old days” the overseas cruise are a good choice. On the journey you will see a variety of ports. Before you choose a cruise, you will want to know […]

Sleek Residence Hawthorn, Australia – Designed for a Family with a Three Teenage Boys

Daily Dream Home: Hawthorn Residence

In a suburban community of Melbourne, Australia, you’ll find this sleek modern luxury house – Residence Hawthorn, which name actually points to its location. Designed for a family with three teenage boys, this house boasts a smooth design by the architectural practice of Canny. The main objective required by the owners was the existence of […]

Luxurious Waterfront Living

Luxurious Waterfront Family Estate

Located at 7312 Bayside Close, Queensland, Australia, this property is among the best we have seen so far. Built one year ago, this luxurious four level house is on 0.49 acre land parcel and provide beautiful water views. With its elegance and exclusivity, provide sophisticated formal and informal living/dining areas or vast outdoor terrace bathed […]

Australia’s First Banknote on Sale for $3.6 Million

Australia's first banknote printed 100 years ago has gone on sale for $3.6 million

Australia’s first banknote, the 10 shilling note, with the serial number M000001 printed 100 years ago and found in a letter in England in 1999, has gone on sale. The note which was issued on May 1, 1913 now expected to reach a $3.6 milion. The banknote was presented Prime Minister Andrew Fisher to Judith […]