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    Bacardi Facundo Rum Collection – Designed to be Sipped Slowly

    Bacardi is a family run company that has been doing things a very specific way for over 150 years. When Bacardi family members get together to dine or share after-dinner cigars, they sip exclusive, aged rums poured from their private reserves. But they also thought of us when released The Facundo Rum Collection. This first […] More

  • Bacardi 150th Anniversary Limited Edition Rum

    Bacardi 150th Anniversary Limited Edition Rum

    To honor 150 years of Bacardi rum-making expertise and craftsmanship, eight Maestros de Ron (Master Blenders), all Bacardí family members, have combined their extraordinary talents to create a very special, limited-edition Bacardi Rum – Ron Bacardi de Maestros de Ron, Vintage, MMXII. Along with the bottle, there will actually be a series of birthday parties, […] More

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    The Rarest Baron Otard Cognac – the Fortis et Fidelis

    Baron Otard – Fortis et Fidelis Cognac If you miss a good cognac or are not too good with your spirit collection, Bacardi Global Travel Retail Division has come to your rescue. Bacardi has launched what it hails as the rarest ever Baron Otard Cognac – the Fortis et Fidelis. This exclusive blend includes some […] More